October 2017

Family Rhythms: Worship Together

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 “If you don’t make worship the center of your home, you will raise Pharisees.” These are the haunting and motivating words my wife’s pastor spoke to us during premarital counseling late in the summer of 2007. Our premarital counseling was intense and thorough. We read multiple books, took personality surveys, and had many meetings — [...]

Protecting Children from Abuse: An Interview

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Originally published on Challies blog on August 16, 2017, by Tim Challies. It happens. We wish it didn’t happen and perhaps even try to pretend it doesn’t happen. But the tragic and undeniable reality is that there is abuse within the church. I recently spoke with Boz Tchividjian to ask some key questions for every Christian [...]

Family Rhythms: Faith Talks

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The family is a God-ordained reality. It is not just a social construct or an institution with puritanical roots that can be thrown off as if it were an outdated, repressive practice. The family is God built, God designed, God-glorifying, and necessary. You may not have taken a step back lately to consider "the family" [...]

September 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Come To Harvest Festival

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The leaves are changing, the fields have turned to gold, we finally got some cooler weather (sort of), and our Harvest Festivals are right around the corner — there’s no doubt that it is fall here in the beautiful state of Kentucky! In celebration, we have 5 thrilling reasons for why you, your friends and family, and your [...]

Back to School: How to Use Your Cell Phone

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ADD refers to a psychological ailment known as attention deficit disorder. It refers to an inability to focus, think deeply, and stay on task. In Tony Reinke’s book, 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You, Reinke argues that our cell phones are contributing to “spiritual ADD.” Spiritual ADD He explains that our phones are a [...]

Back to School: How to Write

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Winston Churchill won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. By the end of his life, he had penned forty-three books and opined in thousands of columns. Surprisingly, many do not know that Churchill performed terribly in school, regularly neglecting mathematics, French, and Latin. He had to have tutors who force fed him formulas, declensions, [...]