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Called: To Good Works

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“Others.” A plaque of golden wood sat above the threshold with this word etched boldly into it. I first noticed it sitting at the kitchen table of my mentor’s home while eating breakfast with him and his family. This family dedicated their lives to serving college students. Dwayne Carson was a pastor at Liberty University [...]

Spiritual Warfare: Fight the Flesh 2

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One of my favorite hobbies is cycling. My wife and I purchased two hybrid bikes three years ago and quickly became gearheads. During the first few months, it was exciting to start learning how to track cadence, heart rate, and average speed. We started with four miles, but before we knew it, our strength increased [...]

Spiritual Warfare: Fight the World

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When we think of spiritual warfare, the normal routines, habits, and relationships in our day-to-day life are not what immediately comes to mind. Our last post noted the need to fight the adversary and to put on an awareness and alertness to the work of the enemy and his minions. A more common and often [...]

Spiritual Warfare: Fight the Devil

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We are in the midst of camp here at Crossings. Last month, we considered how we can grow spiritually. With hundreds of students returning home from camp as new members in our faith family, we wanted to think about how we could help students continue to grow spiritually. We also want to make sure that [...]