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Crossing Borders: A Story from Haiti

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Most of the time, crossing physical borders can actually be the easiest part of a mission trip. The real difficulty comes when we venture to cross the emotional, cultural or verbal ones. This is all the more true in light of short-term trips, when those going may have no knowledge of the language. It can… Read more »

Reaching the Unreached: Our Invitation to You this Summer

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The last two decades have borne witness to an incredible Gospel movement throughout Latin America. The church has prospered, even under government oppression, and the Gospel has thrived. During this time, the Gospel has penetrated hearts and the call to go has been ignited. Thousands of Latin Americans have heard God’s call to reach the… Read more »

LEAD: The Leadership Experience

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Our mission states, “We exist to proclaim the Gospel through partnering with churches to make disciples and equip leaders.” We strive to live out this mission each and every day through the countless areas of our ministry. It was this heart and core that led us to focus this summer on one key area of… Read more »

15 Tips for Packing for Camp

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We want to help you feel as prepared for camp as we possibly can, and we know packing can be one of the most stressful parts. So, let us share some of our tips and tricks for packing for Crossings 2015! 1)  Need more space? Roll your clothes. The ultimate, tried-and-true trick for efficient packing…. Read more »

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