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Growing Faith: A Beyond Effect Story

by posted in Missions

Combining your passion with your burden to share the Gospel with the least of these in your community and around the world. This is The Beyond Effect. For five years, Crossings has been encouraging students to dream of how they can use their talents and gifts to be on mission for the Gospel in their… Read more »

3 Ways to Cure the Post-Camp Blues

by posted in Camps

It is hard to imagine that Crossings 2014 will officially come to a close this week as our final camp sessions end today at Jonathan Creek and Sunday at Cedarmore. With the end of every summer comes a sense of sorrow mixed with joy as we draw to a close an amazing summer, and this year… Read more »

How to Capitalize on “Camp Highs”: A CCYM Summer Resource

by posted in CCYM, Planning & Programming, Resources & Training, Youth Culture

Summer is winding down, and soon all the students we have spent the summer building relationships with will head back to school. So, the question is: how do we best capitalize on the events of the summer to help our students make long-term, life-changing experiences, not allowing them to just have “camp-high” experiences? Raise an… Read more »

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