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Wired for Worship

In Christian circles, the idea of worship is often limited to music and singing on Sunday morning. Worship, however, encompasses all of life because humanity was created to worship God as our ultimate purpose. Therefore, worship is ultimately about a relationship with God. This is why it has been said, “Know your God and know yourself.” It is when we focus on God that we discover our true purpose and our true identity.

We Were Created?

Next summer at Crossings, we are going to dive into the Psalms and discover that we are wired for worship. In everything that we do, we are to worship God in our work, in our relationships, in our thinking, and in every area of our life. But, we are broken by our sin and we worship the wrong things—idols like status, material possessions, others’ praise, grades, Instagram likes, and ourselves.

Return and Reconnect

In a hyper-connected world, we all need to disconnect from our various distractions, idols, and sins so that we can reconnect to our Creator and Redeemer. This is why Jesus came, not just to save us from the wrath of God, but to return us to our Maker so that we can do what we were designed to do—worship the living God.

Camp Pictures

Mock Day At Camp

Mornings = Gospel + Heart Focus

Morning Cel Blue

Morning Celebration
A high-energy time every morning that includes lots of fun, live sketches, videos, announcements, games, and music. Morning Celebration ensures your kids are awake and ready to study God’s Word.

Bible Study Blue

Bible Study
We separate middle and high school and give them in-depth exposition of God’s Word from our camp pastor followed by a staffer-led breakout time of discussion and application.

Breakthru Blue

Break Thru
After Bible study, our staffers invest in your students via games, guided conversations, and hang out time. Our staffers are trained to build relationships with your students for the purpose of Gospel transformation.

Afternoons = High Energy Indoor + Outdoor Activities

POI Yellow

Points of Impact (POIs)
We make every moment intentional. At the end of each event, our staffers spend a few minutes discussing with students how that particular activity illustrates the Gospel.

Lake Rec Yellow

Lake Recreation
Our premier properties offer private recreation lakes with lifeguards present at all times. Students have the opportunity to experience water zip-lines, blobs, water slides, and more.

TAWG Yellow

TAWG: Time Alone with God
During Connect, we encourage students to have personal quiet time in Bible Study and prayer. Devotional material based on the morning Bible study is provided to each student.

Connect Yellow

This is a designated time for you, the Group Leader, to connect with your students through devotions, discussions, team building activities, or simply hanging out.

Evening = Worship + Bible + Relationships

Worship Icon Revised

Evening Worship
The worship service is the heartbeat of camp. During this evening gathering, we exalt Christ together in song, dig deep into the Word of God, and apply the Gospel to students’ lives. 

C4 Orange Revised

C4 Experiences
Crossings Competitive, Combined, and Collaborative Experiences. Students articipate with the entire camp in Vertical Challenge and Crossings After Dark.

Connect Orange Revised

We want to strengthen the relationship between students and their church leaders. This is a designated time for you to meet with your group, debrief, worship, and pray together.

Shack Orange Revised

The Shack
Before lights out, the Shack opens to purchase tasty treats and refreshing beverages. This is a time for you and the staff to continue developing relationships with your students.

Dates, Locations, & Camp Pastors

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Asbury Logo Circle

Asbury University 3-Night Preteen Student Camp

Entering 5th Grade to Entering 7th Grade

Asbury Map Revised

Asbury University’s 65-acre main campus contains more than 30 buildings, ranging from historic Greek revival to contemporary architecture, athletic fields and a cross-country course, all within easy walking distance. Asbury provides a beautiful setting and distraction-free environment for your students to focus on the Lord and grow in their faith. Students will stay in two-per-person dormitories with community bathrooms. Genders will be separated into different halls or dorms. 

POIs at Asbury will include ropes courses, arts and crafts, basketball, board games, gaga ball, minute-to-win-it, soccer, smashball, wiffleball, and much more.

Camp Pastor, Dates, & Rate

Daniel Teague

July 11-14 | Wednesday-Saturday

Starting at $235 per person

All Prices Reflect the Early Bird Rate | Rates Increase March 1, 2018
All Prices Are Per Person & Require a $25 Deposit Per Person At Time of Registration

Cedarmore 4-Night Student Camp

Entering 7th Grade to Graduated Senior

Cedarmore Location Map Med Res

Cedarmore offers a premier camp experience in north-central Kentucky. Nestled in the heart of Kentucky’s Outer Bluegrass region, Cedarmore rests on 600 acres of rolling hills and beautiful woodlands that showcase the glory of God’s creation. Guests will enjoy the surrounding cedar-filled forests, experience wildlife such as foxes and deer, be serenaded by the sounds of crackling campfires, and be mesmerized by star-filled skies. Cedarmore is located near Louisville, Lexington, and Cincinnati.

Points of Impact include Archery Tag, Arts and Crafts, Basketball, Bazooka Ball, Escape Rooms*, Climbing, Disc Golf, Dodgeball, Evangelism/Missions, Tiger Ball, Ultimate Frisbee, Fishing, Gaga Ball, Heartsong Worship, Hiking, Improv, Minute-to-Win-It, Smashball, Soccer, Wiffle Ball, Zip-lines (min: 70lbs | max 200 lbs). *High School Only

Camp Pastors, Dates, & Rates

Kevin Hall

Jun 4-8 | Mon-Fri

C $246 | BL $268
G/WW $280

Dan Dewitt

Jun 9-13 | Sat-Wed

C $273 | BL $295
G/WW $307

Dan Dewitt

Jun 13-17 | Wed-Sun

C $273 | BL $295
G/WW $307

John Nix

Jun 17-21 | Sun-Thur

C $273 | BL $295
G/WW $307

C = Cabins | BL = Boone Lodge | G/WW = Gleason/Williams Wallace

Erik Reed

Jun 21-25 | Thur-Mon

C $273 | BL $295
G/WW $307

Tony Merida

Jun 26-30 | Tues-Sat

C $273 | BL $295
G/WW $307

Eric Bancroft

Jun 30-Jul 4 | Sat-Wed

C $246 | BL $268
G/WW $280

John Nix

Jul 6-10 | Fri-Tues

C $273 | BL $295
G/WW $307

C = Cabins | BL = Boone Lodge | G/WW = Gleason/Williams Wallace

John Nix

Jul 10-14 | Tues-Sat

C $273 | BL $295
G/WW $307

Kris Billiter

Jul 14-18 | Sat-Wed

C $273 | BL $295
G/WW $307

All Prices Reflect the Early Bird Rate | Rates Increase March 1, 2018
All Prices Are Per Person & Require a $25 Deposit Per Person At Time of Registration

Jonathan Creek 5-Night Student Camp

Entering 7th Grade to Graduated Senior

JC Location Map MedRes

Jonathan Creek offers a premier camp experience in western Kentucky. Situated on 100 beautiful acres on the shore of Kentucky Lake, Jonathan Creek is one of the premier conference center destinations in the Midwest. Guests will enjoy stunning sunsets, quiet shoreline walks, kayak adventures, and southern hospitality. Jonathan Creek is located close to Paducah, KY and Nashville, TN.

Points of Impact include Aerial Adventure Park, Arts and Crafts, Basketball, Bazooka Ball, Disc Golf, Evangelism/Missions, Gaga Ball, Hiking & Outdoor Survival, Human Foosball, Kayaking, Laser Tag, Pool Games, Sand Volleyball, Soccer, Tiger Ball, Ultimate Frisbee, Tubing, Wiffle Ball, Zip-lines (min 70 lbs | max 250 lbs). 

Camp Pastor, Dates, & Rates

Landon Dowden

May 31-Jun 5 | Th-Tue

alt alt alt alt alt alt alt alt alt alt alt altD $315 |  GM $342
GL $357

Roger Palmer

Jun 6-11 | Wed-Mon

D $315 |  GM $342
GL $357

John Nix

Jun 11-16 | Mon-Sat

D $350 | GM $377
GL $392

Jed Coppenger

Jun 16-21 | Sat-Thur

D $350 | GM $377
GL $392

D = Waller Dorm | GM = Gray Motel | GL = Group Lodge

Dustin Neeley

Jun 22-24 | Fri-Sun

D $143 | GM $156
GL $167

Tom Richter

Jun 25-30 | Mon-Sat

D $350 | GM $377
GL $392

Kevin Hall

Jun 30-Jul 5 | Sat-Thur

D $315 | GM $342
GL $357

Kevin Jones

Jul 5-10 | Thur-Tues

D $350 | GM $377
GL $392

D = Waller Dorm | GM = Gray Motel | GL = Group Lodge

Trey Brunson

Jul 10-15 | Tues-Sun

D $350 | GM $377
GL $392

T. Alan Lusk

Jul 15-20 | Sun-Fri

D $315 | GM $342
GL $357

All Prices Reflect the Early Bird Rate | Rates Increase March 1, 2018
All Prices Are Per Person & Require a $25 Deposit Per Person At Time of Registration

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many adult leaders should I bring?

An important aspect in the ministry of Crossings is the relationships that students build with the adult leaders from their church. Crossings requests one adult for every five students (gender specific) in order to facilitate discipleship between students and adults that will extend beyond camp. As your students will be looking for guidance from the adults that come with your church, it is important that you bring adults who are at least 21-years-old, maturing Christians, and can be examples to your students and lead them spiritually.

What is the camp rate and what do the accommodations look like for adult leaders?

The camp rate will be the same for both students and adults. Your adult leaders will stay in the same accommodations as their students overnight. During POIs and recreation activities, we encourage leaders to hang out with their students. They may even participate in activities after every student has had their chance.

May adult leaders bring their young children?

Our facilities do not have accommodations for parents to bring children who are too young or too old to register for that camp session.

Can I get a refund if someone from my group drops out?

The Early Bird $25 deposit is non-refundable but is transferable toward the final balance until February 28. Registration deposits after February 28 are both non-refundable and non-transferable.

What is the dress code and are life jackets required?

We ask that all students and adults dress modestly. For females, shorts need to be longer than fingertips when arm is extended down the side of leg. We do not allow spaghetti strap tank tops or any tops where undergarments can be seen. Swimsuits must be one piece and shorts must be worn over swimsuits, even in the water. For both males and females, shirts must be worn at all times when walking to and from the lake/pool. Life jackets are required for all water activities (these are provided) and they must be fully buckled before anyone steps onto the dock to participate in water activities.

What about laundry, cell phone reception, and spending money?

There are no laundry facilities available on property, so bring enough clothes for your entire stay. Camp phones are available for your use if you do not have reception and need to make an emergency call. Lastly, students can purchase beverages, snacks, convenience items, books, and Crossings apparel at our Shack and General Store.

Do you have a camp nurse? Where do we go if someone gets sick or injured?

This summer we are providing camp nurses for Jonathan Creek and Cedarmore. Their primary goal will be to manage the infirmary and work directly with our staff to ensure the safety of everyone at camp. The camp nurse can assist you in storing and administering medications as well as assessing any situation that comes up within your group.

What if I have a student with food allergies?

If you have a student with food allergies, please make sure this is noted on their 2015 Crossings Medical Release Form. The staff will do everything to accommodate them and keep the kitchen staff aware of the student’s needs. Please advise your student to find a member of the kitchen staff to discuss their options during meal times. At Kids Camp, please send an Adult Leader with your student to the Food Service Director.

Does it cost extra to do the activities?

Crossings is an all-inclusive and any activity that your students, adult leaders, or you may want to participate in is already included in the registration price.

What time will my group arrive and leave camp?

Arrival times are on the first day of camp between 2:00 and 4:00 PM in 10-minute windows.  You will be able to sign-up for a window after March 1. Leaving times are between 10:30 and 11:00 AM on the last day.

What age ranges can attend student camp and preteen camp?

Preteen camp is for kids entering 5th grade through entering 7th grade. Student camp is for students entering 6th grade through graduated seniors.

ted version on March 1st, 2018.

What do I need to bring to camp?

For a list of items to bring, visit our 2017 Packing List. We expect the items will be nearly the same for the next year, but we will have an updated version on March 1st, 2018.

Other Camp Opportunities