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Need-Based Scholarships

Here at Crossings, we want to provide help and assistance to students who would like to attend our summer camp but may not have the means to do so. Through the contributions of generous donors, we are able to provide need-based scholarships to students who cannot afford the full cost of camp.

Scholarships for Military, Missionary, and Foster/Adoptive Families

We offer scholarships of up to $200 off any of our camps to campers from military, missionary, or foster/adoptive families. Award of the scholarship is based upon application acceptance.

Application Process

Application and guidelines will be available when participant accounts go live for camp.


  • Needs-based scholarships operate on the condition of financial need of the student and/or family.
  • Our scholarships are on a first-come, first-serve basis, granted that the requirements to receive a scholarship are met.
  • Upon grant of scholarship, the¬†applicant (student or parent/guardian) must respond to Crossings within two weeks of notification. If not, scholarship funds will be revoked and reassigned to another student in order to accommodate as many students as possible.
  • *Please note: Our goal is that every student who wishes to attend may do so, and we are working diligently to that end. The percent of scholarship granted is at the sole discretion of the Scholarship Application Committee. All decisions are final and cannot be negotiated.

Selection Process

Scholarships are evaluated and granted by the Scholarship Application Committee. All decisions are at the sole discretion of the committee and are final.
*Camp deposit is still required for scholarship recipients ($25).
Upon approval of scholarship, the recipient will be emailed or called (depending on preference listed) to be notified.