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Did you know that you could give a student life this year?  

Last year Mr. & Mrs. Cummins had their house vandalized by a high school student along with several of their neighbors. As part of this young man’s punishment, the judge ordered him not only to make restitution but to also go door to door and apologize to those he had hurt. Mr. and Mrs. Cummins chose to give life to this student. When the young man showed up at their door they not only forgave him but invited him to join them for camp at Crossings. They offered to pay for his registration if he would join with them.

He not only attended camp this past summer, but by God’s grace, was saved while at Crossings.

Just like the Cummins’ family, you can also give life. Your investment in Crossings Ministries is a gift of spiritual life to a student.

We had 14,000 people come to camp last summer. 895 of those students prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior, and another 716 committed their life to full-time Christian service. We joyfully already have 500 more campers registered for camp in 2017 that attended in 2016. Each of those students will hear the gospel clearly proclaimed, will experience the joy of the beautiful Kentucky outdoors, and will interact with other students who are seeking to know and grow in Jesus.

Would you give life to a student? Would you give to help us further the ministry of Crossings, expand to reach new students, and provide scholarships to students so that more will hear and respond to the Gospel? Every gift empowers us to encourage this next generation. $350 sends a student to camp for one week. Due to the contribution of other generous donors, we are able to provide scholarships for students to camp. To look at the program or to apply for a scholarship, click here.

You can easily and securely give through our iDonate portal below or you can mail a check  to 13420 Eastpoint Centre Drive, Louisville, KY 40223. Pray about donating something you have lying around in your house, such as old cell phones, stocks, gift cards, or a vehicle through our iDonate portal below.

God’s Generosity
Crossings ministries exists because of the generosity of God.  We believe that God’s sending Jesus to live, die, and resurrect in our place so that we could be reconciled to His loving heart is such good news that as an organization we exist to proclaim this message!
Your Generosity
The beauty of the kingdom is that God has designed us to need one another and to work together to accomplish the mission of advancing the gospel to the ends of the earth.  In order to do what we are called to do we rely on the generosity of men and women just like you.
More Resources, More Opportunities
In 2016 we had almost 14,000 students that came through Crossings Camps.  Out of that God saved 895 students and called 716 into full-time Christian service.  Out of that group they also responded not just by following God but by giving nearly $150,000 to missions work through our partnerships in Haiti and Cuba.  As amazing as that is, we were nearly at capacity and yet, we feel God’s call to reach more.  If we had more cabins we could host more students who might trust God for their salvation or step out in obedience to serve and lead.  If we had the funding we could scholarship students who currently cannot afford to go to camp to come and participate in this life-giving camp experience.  If we had the opportunity we believe that we could not only resource more local churches in their discipleship of the next generation but we could also develop kingdom leaders to engage this next generation with the hope of the gospel.
How You Can Partner With Us
Would you consider giving to Crossings Ministries today?  Your gift will help us proclaim the gospel, see God transform lives, grow leaders, and partner with local churches to the glory of Christ.
More Information
For more information about Crossings and specific ways you can give please contact Trey Brunson. | 502-491-7000