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Crossings Ministries has partnered with BHM to provide short-term ministry support throughout the summer months. Crossings is sending teams for one-week trips to BHM in order to come alongside BHM and share in the ministry workload. Crossings will be sending several short-term ministry teams to Haiti to serve alongside BHM at Camp Le Phare.

The focus of these trips will include:

Learning about Jesus’ global church family and experiencing God’s work in Haiti 
Serving the Haitian church through outreach and evangelism within the local villages
Engaging young Haitians with Biblical stories and teaching them about Jesus Christ through camp outreach and VBS 
Work projects to help service BHM and local Haitian Churches

Cost: $625 + airfare

Length: 7 days (5 full days in country; 2 days of travel)

Where: Camp Le Phare (Montrouis, Haiti) and/or Baptist Haiti Mission (Fermathe, Haiti)

Who: Must be 15 years or older to travel with a group; Must be 18 years or older to travel as a single

Deposit: $125 when you register.
Haiti Trip 1: March 24-30, 2018
Haiti Trip 2: March 31-April 6, 2018
Haiti Trip 3: June 9-15, 2018
Haiti Trip 4: June 16-22, 2018

*We anticipate airfare to be in the following ranges for each traveler. We will lock in rates in the middle of July.


We are partnering with Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel International to offer you the tremendous opportunity to tour ancient cities where the Gospel first took root. This trip is going to open your eyes to the needs of refugees in western Asia and how the Gospel is transforming lives in Greece. Further, this trip is going to deepen your understanding of the Bible, especially Paul’s epistles, and allow you to see the very places where the early church first flourished.

What will we do?

Tour and Received Lectures on Thessalonica, Philippi, Thessaloniki, Delphi, Corinth, Athens (four total days). Serve Refugees through Helping Hands Ministry, including helping and reaching out to the homeless in and near Athens (two total days).

Dates: June 9-19, 2018

Base Cost: $1,350 + Airfare*

$500 deposit due by February 1.


We will be working with Sufficiency of Scripture (SOS) Ministries, who is a Christian non-profit organization which seeks to provide humanitarian aid and biblical training to the people of Uganda. Short-term teams to Uganda provide much-needed staff support and resources to assist SOS in carrying out its mission, from construction projects, community outreach and education, pastoral care visits, conferences, etc.

Dates: June 9-22, 2018

Base Cost: $625 + Airfare*

All trips include transportation to/from the United States, visas, room, board, and meals. Uganda will includes a two-day, one-night safari at the Paara Safari Lodge on the last two days of the trip.

What will we be doing in Uganda?

The mission team will also provide encouragement to SOS Staff and gain a deeper understanding of SOS and the people of Uganda.

Deposit: $500 due by February 1.

*We anticipate airfare to be in the following ranges for each traveler. We will lock in rates in the middle of July — Haiti ($850-$1100), Uganda ($850-$1100), and Athens ($1500-$1900). For those traveling to Uganda, they will also need to make sure they have the requisite vaccines completed before the trip, which may add some additional personal cost.