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Please Note: Directions via MapQuest and some other online map resources may not correctly route you to Cedarmore. Also, some GPS settings will not correctly route you to Cedarmore. Please follow the directions provided below. You can also enter these coordinates (38.316762, -85.003137) into Google Maps to direct you to Cedarmore.

From Lexington or Louisville:

We are a 45-60 minute drive from either city. There are green state highway department signs to guide you from the interstate.

  1. Take I-64 to exit #43, Waddy/Peytona, KY Hwy 395.
  2. Turn north on Hwy 395 (towards Peytona and away from Waddy).
  3. Follow 7.2 miles to Hwy 1005.
  4. Turn right onto Hwy 1005.
  5. After 1.3 miles Hwy 1005 turns into Hwy 12. Do not turn at this intersection.
  6. Follow Hwy 12 another 3.6 miles to Jacksonville.
  7. In Jacksonville, turn left onto Hwy 1922 (Cedarmore Road).
  8. Follow 1 mile and turn right at the Cedarmore sign (still Hwy 1922).
  9. Follow 3.2 miles and turn left onto Cedarmore property.

From Cincinnati

We are a 60-75 minute drive from Cincinnati.

  1. Follow I-71 south to exit #34, KY Hwy 421.
  2. Turn south on Hwy 421 (towards New Castle).
  3. Stay on Hwy 421 (watch signs) and follow 20.5 miles to Defoe.
  4. In Defoe, turn right onto Hwy 1922.
  5. Follow 3 miles and turn right onto Cedarmore property.