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The Kanakuk Child Protection Plan (CPP) is a new, innovative plan to prevent, detect or respond to physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse in youth and children’s programming. Crossings has implemented the Kanakuk CPP at all of their camps and is offering this inexpensive seminar to our friends and ministry partners.

The Kanakuk Child Protection Plan establishes direct and indirect defense measures to combat the very nature of abusers, and the tactics used to infiltrate youth organizations and victimize children.   Ultimately, the CPP is designed to:

  • Prevent would-be molesters from gaining isolated access to minors
  • Detect behavior patterns and early-stage abuse tactics, and resolve prior to an inappropriate occurrence
  • Respond promptly and effectively to suspicions or allegations of child sexual abuse

What is the CPP Seminar?

The CPP Seminar is an 8-hour session for the purpose of training organizational leaders on the methodology, content, and strategies necessary for implementing the CPP.  Participants will learn about abuse awareness, case studies, outdated information and tactics, CPP goals, implementation strategies and self-assessment process, and receive sample forms, training content, a full-color workbook and digital copy.

Who should attend this seminar?

The CPP seminar is for board members, administrators, directors, and leaders of youth serving organizations responsible for managing facilities, directing operations, hiring staff, and supervising youth workers and volunteers.

How is it different from other safety systems or programs?

Drawing from the knowledge and expertise of industry and topical experts, the Child Protection Plan was then developed and assembled in-house to be doable, affordable, reasonable and sustainable.  Rather than a list of forms and policies on a broad spectrum, the  CPP provides measurable, step-by-step initiatives to directly address root causes and contributing factors which are synonymous with episodes of organizational child abuse.

Therefore, solutions are designed to address specific concerns such as:

  • Why don’t background checks accurately report prior deviant behavior?
  • What can a child, parent or staff do to recognize, resist and report suspicions or actions of abuse?
  • Will my hiring practices cause a would-be molester to “opt-out”?
  • Why don’t rules that address inappropriate conduct work?
  • Do my facilities create an unwelcoming presence for abuse activities?
  • Do I have insurance that covers this?
  • How long should I archive records, and what records should I keep?

Conference Details

Date: 10/25/17

Time: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Presenter: Rick Braschler | Director of Risk Management, Kanakuk Kamps Senior Risk Consultant, Youth Protection

Location: Crossings Ministries | 13420 Eastpoint Centre Drive | Louisville, KY 40223

Seminar Cost: $55 per person (lunch included)

Simulcast Cost: $55 per person (book shipped to you)*

*Must register by 10/14 to receive your booklet in time for the simulcast. You may register after this date, but you will be working from a digital copy of the workbook. (We will still send you the workbook, it just won’t arrive in time for the simulcast.)

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For any questions or inquiries, email Renee Hoskins at or call our central office at 502-491-7000.

For more information on Kanakuk and their Child Protection Plan, you can visit their website here.