Need help parenting? 3 Reasons to go to Southern Seminary’s Confident Parenting Conference

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“Daddy, will you ask your boss to let you come home early today?” Because we had enjoyed an extra special family night the evening before, my daughter wanted the special time to continue day and night. Obviously, I would love to stay home and play all day! My daughter’s sweet request has rung through my… Read more »

How to Capitalize on “Camp Highs”: A CCYM Summer Resource

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Summer is winding down, and soon all the students we have spent the summer building relationships with will head back to school. So, the question is: how do we best capitalize on the events of the summer to help our students make long-term, life-changing experiences, not allowing them to just have “camp-high” experiences? Raise an… Read more »

Finding Sabbath

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“On and on and on and on and on she goes, where she stops no one really knows” is part of the lyrics from the Third Day song “Nothing at All.” At times I think it describes the life of youth workers. There seems to never be enough time to accomplish everything that needs to… Read more »

Annoucing: CCYM Spring Retreat – May 19-21!

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  Crossings Center for Youth Ministry is excited to announce its upcoming spring retreat for youth leaders – May 19-21! Summer 2014 is going to be a very busy summer and we want you prepared, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. The CCYM Spring Retreat will be a time for youth pastors to “get-away”– to refresh, refuel, revive,… Read more »